Small Business focus with Big Business Experience

10 Years of Agency, In-house and Marketing technology Software Experience - But we both know why you're on the website!

Hello  Business Owner, 


I’m Matt Beks, the founder of Mega Power Marketing. 


Let’s not beat around the bush here!  


You are on this website not to hear my life story and how we started…. (if you are and I’m truely flattered... feel free to scroll down to the bottom of the page for the long version).  


Otherwise here is the short version: 


We are a new agency born out of an idea while I was on the UK furlough scheme so used the time to create a business from scratch and see if it might work while also sharing my knowledge on Digital Marketing for Small to Medium Businesses looking to drive more traffic to their website and hungry to drive more sales. I want to be your trusted partner and see you grow month after month, year after year! 


However…. If you are looking for someone to create instant miracles overnight and believe that Digital Marketing is an instantaneous Get Rich Quick scheme then I’m sorry to disappoint we are not the right partners for you. 


Digital Marketing is hard strategic work and we will work hard to ensure you receive a measurable ROI from your spend. In return we value your regular feedback on how we can be even better! 

Who knows, Mega Power Marketing could possibly be a post-Covid miracle but history will be the judge of that. 

And now for the Long Version....

Mega Power Marketing was set up in 2020 by it’s founder, Matt Beks during the Covid-19 pandemic. Having been recently furloughed from his most recent job as a Customer Success Manager and having over 10 years SEO experience there was never a better time to test an idea and see if it might work. 


Matt brings a unique experience mix to Mega Power Marketing. Not only has he worked for an agency before and worked for a large UK based retailer but he has also spent the last 4 years working in the SEO software market managing a multitude of customers ranging from dedicated Digital Marketing Agencies to many large well known UK, European and international household brands. 


As a Customer Success Manager, Matt was lucky enough to work with customers across Europe, especially in the UK and Nordics market so has a unique understanding and perspective of how Digital Marketing and SEO is utilised in other countries. 


For a Small Business owner this exposure to how enterprise and agencies in the UK and abroad run their SEO campaigns can only be a huge benefit as they can learn and earn from the strategies bigger companies implement.