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Knowledge is Power, Information is liberating and Education is the premise of progress.

I am on a mission to educate and empower the value and opportunity of SEO and Digital Marketing and by doing so, point those who wish to learn  in the right direction.

Let’s face it, outsourcing SEO services to another company isn’t for everyone. In fact, there seems to be a growing number of business owners investigating SEO and wider Digital Marketing as a whole as they can see the value of this channel in a businesses marketing mix. This is amazing news for the SEO industry as this channel has matured and become marketing mainstream. 


However, there is just one slight problem. Most business owners are busy people and investing hours into self learning can be tiresome and potentially divert attention away from actually making money.  Most will start to educate themselves by reading a few articles, potentially watching videos on YouTube. Worst still, as there are literally 1000’s of articles and opinions, all this information can be overwhelming for someone new to SEO. I say this from personal firsthand experience.


SEO isn’t complicated, but it is surely time consuming! 


With this in mind, my mission pass my knowledge in the industry and create a bespoke SEO and Digital Marketing Coaching and Mentorship focused solely on  Small Businesses owners and those new to SEO. The aim is to provide my students/mentees with  knowledge, education and confidence to succeed themselves in SEO rather than just relying solely on what an agency is telling them. 


My packages for the mentorship range from only 1 hour of quality ideas and basic training  to a full 4 week mentoring program training where each week we will focus on a particular subject. In these sessions I will provide  suggestions on what tools and reporting metrics would work best for you and your team and collectively create a bespoke plan of next steps in your SEO journey. 


In addition to the mentorship packages I am also offering monthly/weekly/bimonthly mentorship calls where we look to evaluate ideas and see where there is scope to further improve. 


As extra value if we both decide that you need dedicated external action, support or even service to ensure your SEO and Digital Marketing KPI’s are hit I’d be more than happy to suggest either my service or someone else (freelancer or agency) who might be more suited to deliver your success.