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SEO Guide: Hidden SEO Mistakes that Could be Losing You Money and What to Do about It

Hi Guys,

Matt here from Mega Power Marketing.

Do you currently have a website and achieving next to no traffic from Search Engines? Are you also wondering why no one is visiting your website? Even worse are your competitors more visible in Search Engines ultimately driving more traffic and conversions to them not you?

If any of these frustrations resonate with you, it could be all down to the simple fact that when Google indexes your website the signals you are giving the search engine are not relevant to your core business function or what your potential customers are searching on Google for.

This is far too similar with many Small Business websites.

Let’s face it most Small Business owners aren’t SEO experts and have not fully been educated on SEO. With that in mind, I’m on a mission to educate as many small business owners on the value of SEO and drive more traffic to their website.

With this in mind and to start helping Small Business owners, I have created a guide on some of the Hidden Mistakes that could be losing you money. More importantly rather than highlighting all the problems I wanted to ensure that this guide has some actionable solutions you could implement today!

Download your FREE Guide today!

Your website is a reflection of who your business is. How you promote yourself in person should be reflected also on your website. By having a poor website which includes not being found in Search Engines such as Google you are doing yourself a mega disservice and very likely your customers won’t find out who you are or even worse choose not to do business with you.

Also I also offer a Free 1:1 Strategy call with myself where I will give you at least 2-3 areas of improvements to make your website more “Google Friendly”


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