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Zero to Hero content: In 4 Steps.

Updated: May 26, 2020

The old saying in SEO is that Content is King, this is absolutely true. The more content you produce the more pages Google has to consume and the more chance you can build your brand as a subject expert. However that being said, far too often content is written for “SEO purposes” whatever that is and providing your audience just fluff. This turn can turn a customer off instantly! This is absolutely the wrong mentality to go into any content strategy.

Your website is a very powerful sales machine and every message your audience is consuming onsite should be used to provoke some form of action. I’m not advocating that every page should be advocating a hard sell far from it, instead what your content should be is a mechanism to lead towards a conversion.

Below are 4 steps which will help you start to creating content and turn your content from virtual zero to virtual hero!

Identify your Audience pain points

Before you even start to write or create any content start to sketch out an ideal customer/audience profile and start to establish your and your audiences Why should the content exists and what is your intended outcome. To do this it is imperative to get an understanding of your audience’s behaviour and what factors are causing your audience stress, pain and then start to map how you and the piece of content will provide some degree of relief with a view to invest further either into your other content and combine with a good call to action. If you are able to solve a genuine problem or pain a reader is more likely to be compelled to take action.

Write a catchy headline

Generally speaking, most people online have a limited attention span and need some degree of being sold to even on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). A catchy headline is the part of the content that is your money maker and therefore makes or breaks if a reader is going to read a piece of content or not. With this in mind, to ensure success for your content make sure you spend just as much time creating a headline as you would writing the content. As crazy as that sound It's that important.

Have a good call to action

A call to action is the part of your message that tells your audience what to do. In other words, this is the part where you are enticing the reader to further invest more time in learning about your business and move them closer to doing business with you.

If written right, this content will also make your reader inspired to complete a next step and while also provide your business further authority and trust on a subject matter. A good call to action could be anything from filling out survey, subscribing to your email marketing list, submitting contact details or even booking a free 30 min call to discuss how your business can help solve a customers pain point.

Capture the data and measure!

In addition to having a call to action, always have some form of data capture in your content. This could be in the form of subscribing to an email to even links to product pages in an e-commerce website to even a humble phone number. The reason you want to have some form of data capture is purely to measure the effectiveness and reach of the content to identify if the content was successful or not over a measured period of time and beyond.

In terms of measurement, Google Analytics integrated with your website and create goal conversions is an absolute must. This way you are able to measure not just Click Through rate but your conversion rate. There are advanced Conversion Rate Optimisation tools out there but as a bare minimum and you are running on a shoestring Google Analytics is a great and cost effective tool to measure effectiveness.

So to practise what I preach and a cheekly plug, if you are struggling with your content strategy and want to transform your SEO and content strategy into a well oiled sales machine or even want to get learn more on how SEO, content and Digital Marketing can transform your business, please reach subscribe to our mailing list or even book a FREE 30 MINUTE Strategy Call with myself.

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